Regarding work advanced by Mr. Daniel Winter, allegedly in collaboration with Mr. Stanley Tenen;
Miscredited in Dr. Horowitz's books and audiovisual presentations pertaining to
Hebrew alphabet letters maintaining certain vibrational capabilities
 ––Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


In 1998, Dr. Joseph Puleo, a major contributor to my copyrighted work, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (1999), presented me with his personal seminar syllabus alleged to contain solid evidence that chanting Hebrew letters caused a cymatic resonance affect on malleable materials reproducing the letters' characteristic structures.

Given Dr. Puleo's widely held esteem, and my awareness of Mr. Stanley Tenen's reputability, I simply assumed the reference, and document itself, was legitimate. That is, I believed this document had been reproduced from a legitimate research report issued by the referenced researchers Mr. Tenen and Mr. Winter. I recently learned differently.

In June, 2006, I was alerted by our mutual friend and colleague, Dr. Robin Falkov, that Mr. Tenen had been defrauded and seriously damaged by Mr. Winter. Mr. Winter's fraudulent misrepresentations, including the document Dr. Puleo had advanced to me as (allegedly) legitimate, were hoaxes intended to undermine Mr. Tenen's reputability within the scientific community.

As a result of this alert, I immediately contacted Mr. Tenen who relayed to me his legal complaint against Mr. Winter, along with a Court Injunction filed with the U.S. District Court of Western District New York at Rochester on April 8, 2002, condemning the use of Mr. Winter's misrepresentations, including this document. According to Mr. Tenen's complaint, and successful legal action, the alleged collaboration and alleged scientific determination of the Hebrew alphabet-cymatic-material affect was a fraudulent fabrication exclusively instigated by Mr. Winter to the damage Mr. Tenen's reputation.

Unfortunately, prior to learning of this ordeal, I had reprinted the condemned fabrication on page 69 of Walk on Water (2006); page 56 of the  textbook DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral (2005); on page 117 of Healing Celebrations (2000, 2002); and further represented it as Mr. Tenen's legitimate work in many of my filmed presentations produced since 1999.

This being known, I personally apologize to Mr. Tenen and to those who, like me, were defrauded by Mr. Winter into believing that Hebrew letters spoken carry an energetic vibration capable of restructuring maleable materials according to the frequency of these vibrations.

It is very disappointing and highly disturbing to me to know that some people, even in the scientific community, cannot be trusted, and that I have played a role in disseminating false information in this regard to thousands of trusting persons.

This being stated, with truth having its way of surfacing, this appalling misrepresentation by Mr. Winter will not discourage me from further respecting and investigating the serious scientific studies conducted by Mr. Tenen over the past two decades in the realm of Hebrew alphabet metaphysics as discussed on Meru Foundation's website (

I also pray that persons familiar with my lengthy list of meticulously referenced publications, and legitimate scientific contributions, will not be disuaded from advancing, as I have, along paths of sincere inquiry into the fascinating realm of mathematics and material metaphysics.

Very sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.

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